The Eversley Hotel and Salts Recreation Ground

The Eversley Hotel

The Eversley Hotelc


Leaving Telsemaure, the Eversley Hotel later to become the Beachcomber sat on the opposite corner of Dane Road now occupied by a modern  retirement complex. The first Eversley Hotel was further along Dane Road, nearer the railway station, the building now occupied by the Lloyds Bank before moving to its present site in the 1920s.  

The Salts Recreation Ground 

The low lying land to the west of the retirement home is the Salts Recreation Ground, with playing fields, a skateboarding area, tennis courts and further west a cafe, an outdoor gym and a children's playground. Like much of the low lying land near the seafront the Salts occupies part of the inlet that once entered the sea at Splash Point prior to the creation of a new outlet at Meeching, now Newhaven in the mid 16th century.The Salts has been remodelled over the years but once featured a "new" boating pool.   

Salts Boating Poolc


Passing on westward, the seafront road rises up slightly but the Esplanade continues below as Bonningstedt Promenade