It is only a few steps from the Old House to Aime's Kitchen, formerly the Regency Cafe. This building was erected in the early 19th century and is one of the few examples in Seaford of a frontage with mathematical tiles (imitating brick) so notably found a dozen miles up the road in Lewes and in Brighton.  No 12 High Street also has mathematical tiles.The initial sale of the house in 1789 folowing advertising in the Sussex Advertiser of that year described the house as it was then as "an entiure, new, modern built freehold dwelling house complete with brewhouse!


Seaford became a limb (subordinate) of the Cinque Port of Hastings in the early 13th Century. The Cinque Ports Ports first came together in order to render Ship Service to the English Crown in return for valuable privileges, during late Saxon or early Norman times; reaching the peak of their power and prestige some 200 to 300 years later. Their naval service was last called upon in 1588.

Continue up the High Street crossing over the next junction up to Crouch Lane, opposite the Cinque Ports Public House