The Old Town Hall



As you leave the Crypt you might want to see the Old Town Hall (a slight diversion from the printed Heritage Trail)  at the beginning of South Street which can be seen little further down Church Street as it bears left before crossing the bottom of the High Street.


Town Hall November 2007


The Old Town Hall is had many uses in its lifetime. It served the old Borough of Seaford for some 300 years (1560s to the 1880s) as Town Hall Court House and Gaol . Its appearence now is somewhat changed from earlier times. It was once described as having a diminutive outside stair case leading to a diminutive entrance door topped by a diminutive spire. Underneath it had a diminutive prison. A ground floor entrance to let to the Town Hall, whilst the staircase led to the small court room. Today its is a used as a community tea room.


Old Town Hall


Turning back from the Town Hall past the the public toilets left into South Street and the right into Steyne Road to continue the heritage trail and see West House and Parliament Row and discover their history.

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