Eric Slater

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Seaford Head, 1930, colour woodcut by Eric Slater (1896-1963) Copyright: James Trollope

Eric Slater 1896 - 1963 lived at 7 East Albany Road Seaford. He was a Seaford artist with an international reputation but died in obscurity. The work of Eric Slater had not been displayed for more than 70 years until it featured in an Eastbourne exhibition in 2012. Eric Slater was born in 1896 in London, his father died when he was a child and he moved to Sussex with his mother - first to the Bexhill area, then Winchelsea and to Seaford in 1929. He studied at Hastings School of Art and after much success in the 1920s and 1930s, stopped working at the outbreak of the Second World War, when his mother died.

He is famous for over 30 colour woodcuts, many of depicted local scenes in and around the town. A short walking trail over Seaford Head can be started at the the Martello Tower or from South Barn. More information about Eric Slater, the Trail and his work can be found on the Eric Slater website.  A map of the trail can be downloaded from the website and books and prints ordered via it. 


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