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Seaford has a long history of providing private education establishments, many of which have become post war housing estates. Some of the buildings are still standing and can be seen from the outside at least. It has been estimated that perhaps around 100 schools have come and gone, although one notable school - Seaford College, has continued albeit transporting itself from East Sussex to West Sussex as a result of WW2. It may be a tad difficult to walk round all the school sites as many have disappeared completely, although some are remembered in house and street names nearby. Seaford Museum has been building up an archive of material on various schools and the occasional ex scholar gets in touch with requests for information. The map below shows schools in Seaford in the early 1920s. However Seaford Museum has identified some 90 seperate schools existing throughout the history of Seaford, many of which have occupied the same site at different times.

Schools 1925 Map

 Apart from Seaford College situated to the south of the town most of the "public" school sites were either to the north clustered around East Blatchington and along Firle Road, or the east around Alfriston Road, Eastbourne Road and Sutton Avenue.  In additon we have our existing state and church aided schools: Seaford, Chyngton and Cradle Hill and Annecy Primary, and our main secondary school Seaford Head College, spread over three sites. Seaford Head's 6th Form actually occupies Seaford's first National School in Steyne Road, and Seaford Primary moved from its original site in Church Street part of which became a doctors' surgery.


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