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Ladycross,a Catholic Preparatory School was originally established in 1891 in Briely Road, Bournemouth. In 1909 the school relocated to a purpose built school 15 acre site in Eastbourne Road, Seaford (now Badgers Copse) remaining there until its closure in 1977, apart from a short period during the Second World War when at the height of the bombing raids in 1941, the school was temporarily evacuated to Salperton Park, Gloucestershire.More than 2,000 pupils attended it before closure. 
The school was found in 1891 by Alfred Roper, who later passed it onto his son Tony Roper. Tony Roper had no descendants and in the early 1950s, as he became more elderly, he sought a successor as owner and headmaster from among the parents of children at the school. Michael Feeny who was a descendant of a Birmingham Catholic family and who had one son at the school at the time took over. As a school teacher and classicist himself, Feeny had experience in the education business, and over the next quarter century in conjunction with long-serving staff members he ran the school to the satisfaction of a growing body of parents. Approaching retirement in the early 1970s at a time when private education appeared under threat, Feeny sought ways of keeping the school in operation. Having tried unsuccessfully to relocate the school to a larger inland location and unable to find a suitable successor as buyer and headmaster, he accepted considerable personal loss and set up a trust and handed over the school and land in Seaford and all its assets to this Trust. However, financial issues escalated, resulting in the sale of the site to a property developer and the eventual closure of the school, despite the last-minute desperate attempt to raise funds from old boys. In 1978, the school buildings were knocked down to make way for a housing estate. 

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Old Boys of Ladycross:

Jared Harris, son of Richard Harris,was educated at Ladycross School,  as were his brothers Jamie and Damian. He says, "They were famous for discipline, with cold showers every morning", and that "You were never known by your first name there. You were either called by your number, or your last name. Since there were three of us, Damian was 'Harris Ma' for major. I was 'Harris Mi' for minor, and Jamie was 'Harris Minimus,' being the youngest and the smallest".




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