Education in Seaford

Education has played a significant part in the Town's history and economy and for a period of years had many private eduction establishments drawing in pupils from all over the world as well as state schools for the local populace. 
State education began with the foundation of board schools in 1854 and has continued to this day with three country primary schools- Seaford CP School, Chyngton CP School and Ceadle Hill, and a the Annecy Catholic Primary School. Secondary education comenced on the Arundel Road site as Seaford Secondary Modern School, now Seaford Acdaemy now with a lower school and sixth from centre in Steyne Road. In addition Corsica Hall, housed the original Seaford College from 1885 (relocated to Petworth in West Sussex in 1945)  taking on a role in further education as a training centre for home economics teachers from 1950 to 1967. 

Seaford has had some 90 scholastic establishments since the first one (that we know of) was started by a Mr Robinson in 1803. Another early school at West House Seaford (which is still standing at the bottom of Pelham Road) opened in 1857, later moving to Broad Street after the 1875 flood. Some schools have occupied more than one site in Seaford, some have amalgamated with others, relocated, changed names or status, or ceased operating. Many have been demolished to make way for housing. Some live on in road or house names and on occasion the buildings remain having been repurposed. At least two  headmasters are immortalised with roads named after them. Some of the buildings are still standing and can be seen from the outside at least. It has been estimated that perhaps around 100 scholastic institutions  have come and gone, although one notable school - Seaford College, has continued albeit transporting itself from East Sussex to West Sussex as a result of WW2. It may be a tad difficult to walk round all the school sites as many have disappeared completely, although some are remembered in house and street names nearby. Seaford Museum has been building up an archive of material on various schools and the occasional ex scholar gets in touch with requests for information. The map below shows schools in Seaford in the early 1920s. However Seaford Museum has identified some 90 seperate schools existing throughout the history of Seaford, many of which have occupied the same site at different times.

Apart from Seaford College situated to the south of the town most of the "public" school sites were either to the north clustered around East Blatchington and along Firle Road, or the east around Alfriston Road, Eastbourne Road and Sutton Avenue.  In additon we have our existing state and church aided schools: Seaford, Chyngton and Cradle Hill and Annecy Primary, and our main secondary school Seaford Head College, spread over three sites. Bowden House, now completely rebuilt, is a modern special residential school. Seaford Head's 6th Form actually occupies Seaford's first National School in Steyne Road, and Seaford Primary moved from its original site in Church Street part of which became a doctors' surgery.



We welcome contributions from alumni about their experiences at Seaford Schools, and will if  permitted and appropraite create a space for them. email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1 The Academy:

2 Annecy Convent

3 Ashampstead

4 Belvedere

5 Bishopstone

6 Blatchington Court

7 Blatchington College for Boys

8 Blatchington Place

9 Bowden House

10 Bramber Lodge

11 Bydown

12 Chalvington

13 Chapel Lane

14 Charity Free School

15 Charmandean

16 Chesterton Cottage

17 Chesterton

18 Church Street County Primary

19 Chyngton County Primary

20 Cliff Girls

21 Cliff View

22 Cloverdown

23 Cradle Hill County Primary

24 Cuckmere House

25 The Downs

26 Downshead

27 East Quinton

28 Flint House

29 Froebel House

30 The Gables

31 Galloways

32 Gentlemens'  Academy

33 Gladleigh

34 Green Ladies

35 Hamiliton House

36 Hardwicke House

37 Hartfield House

38 Hilltop Court

39 Homeleigh

40 Jewish Free School

41 Kenwood

42 Kingsleigh

43 King's Mead

44 Ladycross

45 Lexden House

46 Manorfield

47 Marine Hospital School

48 Marlborough House

49 Merton House

50 Micklefied

51 Newlands

52 Normansal

53 Owletts Nursery 

54 Parochial School

55 Pelham House

56 Pilgrims

57 Queens Park

58 Ravenscroft

59 Redcroft Ladies

60 St.David's

61 St. Faith's

62 St. John's

63 St. Margaret's Ladies

64 St. Mawes

65 St. Michael's

66 St. Michael's Ladies College

67 St. Peter's

68 St Peter's and St. David's

69 St. Wilfred's

70 St. Winifred's Ladies

71 Seaford College

72 Seaford County Primary

73 Seaford Head Community College

74 Seaford Ladies College

75 Seaford Playschool

76 Seton Lodge Domestic College

77 Seaford College of Housecraft

78 The Sheil

79 Southdown House

80 Southdown Ladies

81 South Lodge Ladies

82 Stoke House

83 Sunnybrae

84 Sussex House

85 Sutton House

86 Sutton Place

87 Tyttenhangar

88 Whitely House

89 Westcliffe

90 National School

91 Seaford Secondary Modern

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