Bowden House School

Bowden House School, Firle Road Seaford is now a Special School run by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, replacing the Edwardian building which housed a boys fee paying boarding school until 1970. The original Bowden House School an Independent School in Harrow, before relocating in 1907 to Seaford. The Harrow building was subsequently acquired by Harrow School in 1929 for use as its infirmary. It remained in operation until 1939 when it was evacuated for the duration of the war. Like many schools in Seaford, the buildings and grounds were occupied by troops. In 1944 a thousand pound bomb dropped in the south east corner of the playing field which was not filled in until 1949. A note written by one of the staff refers to the school having 6 gardeners and the "finest cricket table" in the locality. Seaford Museum files contain a catalogue with the School and grounds up for sale in October 1946 on the direction of the liquidator and described the building as "important scholastic premises, with 33 bedrooms, 12 cubicle dormitory, 4 bathrooms, 12 W.C.'s. 10 class rooms, a dining hall, 3 reception rooms. Library, ample domestic offices, gymnasium, Chapel, plunge bath, changing rooms, workshop, cottage and grounds of 16 and a half acres with sports pavilion. 


 Bowden House

Photograph by Terry Jones

The 1907 building and subsequent additions was demolished in 2012 after a completely new school campus was created for Tower Hamlets.  A former pupil of the school recalled his memories of the school having been a pupil in the late 1940s, so obviously the school continued on the same site after being offered for sale in 1946 and recalls having found a hand grenade, which fortunately turned out to be a practice "dummy".